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Topraysolar products are stationed in Shenai Talent Hall, waiting for you to check in!Release date:2021-03-05

On November 11, 2020, Shenzhen Municipal Party Standing Committee and Organization Minister Cheng Buyi, Nanshan District Party Secretary Zeng Pai, Nanshan District Party Standing Committee Member and Organization Department Minister Wang Xiaorong and other leaders visited the Shen Ai Talent Hall. As one of the representatives of the star enterprise, General Manager Yang Guoqiang of Topraysolar introduced the company profile and two new products of "portable solar charging board" and "multifunctional solar charger" to the leaders of Cheng Buyi.

The Shen Ai Talent Hall officially opened on November 1, 2020. It is the first themed exhibition hall in Shenzhen to open a new mode of integration of "talent + science + enterprise services". The exhibition hall is equipped with "Eight Technology" industrial zones for artificial intelligence, 5G applications, IC and smart sensing, advanced manufacturing, biomedicine, cultural technology, big data, Internet and mobile Internet. The venue has realized the function of "you can buy what you see". For products displayed by enterprises entering the exhibition hall, you only need to scan the QR code of the product desk card to place an order at the Shenzhen Talent Hall Mall, or come to the Shenzhen Talent Hall. In the live broadcast room, you can place an order while watching the live broadcast; you can also browse the brief introduction of the founders of the company and feel the charm of these high-level talents up close.

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