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Shaanxi Provincial Power (Group) Leaders Investigate Shaanxi topraysolar co.,LTD.Release date:2020-05-20

On May 20, 2020, Zou Manxu, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Shaanxi Local Electric Power (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shaanxi Didian") visited Shaanxi Tuori New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shaanxi Tuori") ). Chen Wukui, Chairman of Tuori Xinneng Group, welcomed Chairman Zou Manxu and his party.

At the symposium, Chairman Chen Wukui thanked Shaanxi Didian for its long-term care and support for the work of Tuonixineng Group and its subsidiary molecular companies, as well as the development, operation and annual electricity consumption under the influence of Shaanxi Tuorin epidemic. Comprehensive introduction to the future industry development direction. Chairman Chen Wukui said that Tuoji has more than ten years of cooperation history with Shaanxi Geopower and is a stable power consumer of Shaanxi Geopower and has a good foundation for cooperation. Shaanxi Geopower supplies Shaanxi Tuodai with nearly 50 million kWh of electricity each year. In view of the long-term cooperation relationship between Tuori Sunergy and Shaanxi Geopower, I hope that through this exchange, we will continue to cooperate in depth and strive to achieve greater win-win development.

Chairman Zou Manxu pointed out that Shaanxi Didian will focus on customer needs, continue to improve power safety and service quality, and continue to consolidate cooperation results; it will continue to deepen cooperation and complement each other's advantages based on the advantages of their respective enterprises, from power generation to comprehensive energy utilization cooperation, in In-depth exchanges and discussions on overseas cooperation such as power plant load reduction and the Belt and Road Initiative, and efforts to promote bilateral cooperation to a new level. At the same time, we will further strengthen the promotion of solutions to the serious problems of abandoning light in some regions, and Shaanxi Geopower will definitely provide better services. The work docking mechanism was immediately established at the meeting, and the docking people were clearly in place to ensure that the meeting agenda was grounded and strongly promoted.

Shi Gaoqi, party committee member and deputy general manager of Shaanxi Provincial Local Power (Group) Co., Ltd., Liu Aiwen and Zheng Jinghui, directors of Shaanxi Provincial Local Power (Group) Co., Ltd., Wang Cangji, general manager of Weinan Power Supply Branch of Shaanxi Provincial Local Power (Group) Co., Ltd., and secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission Du Bin, Cheng Wanxian County Party Committee Secretary Wang Wanqing, Deputy County Mayor Zhang Xiquan, Chen Gengmin, Tuori Xinneng Group General Manager Assistant Huang Zhenhua, Shaanxi Tuori General Manager Lei Xiaoquan, Xi'an Tuori General Manager Xue Zhenhua and relevant department heads accompanied the survey .

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