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Leaders of Shenzhen City conducted two investigations within a month to explore the new energy: implement the "old" problem and study "new" situationRelease date:2020-05-21

On May 21, 2020, Lin Jie, Secretary of the Party Committee of the CPPCC, went to Shenzhen Tuori New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tuori New Energy) to carry out hanging point service enterprise activities. This is after the investigation on April 28, Secretary Lin Jie once again went to Tuori Xinneng to investigate and coordinate to solve the new difficulties and new problems raised in the development of the enterprise.
At the symposium, Li Fanli, Vice Chairman of Tuori Xinneng, thanked the CPPCC and relevant departments, and stated that all the questions raised during the last survey have been positively answered by the relevant functional departments, and the issues have been resolved or are being resolved. . Subsequently, Tuori Sunergy cooperated with the Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Committee, the Municipal Party Committee Foreign Affairs Office, the Municipal Party Committee Civil and Military Integration Office, the Municipal Industry and Information Technology Bureau, and the municipal local financial supervision on financing loans, parity base construction, product promotion, technology project establishment and industrial expansion Leaders of the functional bureaus, the Municipal Poverty Alleviation Collaboration and Exchange Office, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission and other functional departments, and leaders of Nanshan District carried out exchanges.
Secretary Lin Jie said that the survey was of great significance, not only implemented the problems raised by Tuo Rixin in the previous period, but also further discussed the new situation encountered by the development of the enterprise. It is pointed out that enterprises should strengthen their confidence and seek development, strengthen the research and full application of the government-beneficial enterprise policies, increase investment in scientific research, and further enhance their independent innovation capabilities. Relevant government functional departments should strengthen learning, further communicate with enterprises, listen to the demands of enterprises, strengthen guidance services, do a good job of matchmaking, and strive to solve practical and specific difficulties and problems for enterprises.

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