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The leaders of Chengcheng County visited Shaanxi Topraysolar to investigate the work of stabilizing industrial growthRelease date:2021-03-01

On August 10, 2020, Chengcheng County Mayor Gao Chengwen visited Shaanxi Tuori New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. to investigate the steady growth of the industry. Deputy County Mayor Chen Gengmin, Director of the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology Duan Fengjun, and Party Workers of the Economic and Technological Development Zone Committee Secretary Zheng Yongsheng and Chief Engineer Jin Xiaofeng investigated together.

The county magistrate Gao Chengwen and his entourage successively went to the photovoltaic glass technological transformation project site, photovoltaic glass production workshop and solar cell module production workshop to listen to the reports of the heads of the company, and contributed to the innovation-driven development and technological innovation of the company. agree.

At the subsequent symposium, the county magistrate Gao Chengwen had an in-depth exchange with Mr. Chen Wukui, chairman of Tori Xinneng, to learn more about the difficulties and problems encountered in the development of the enterprise, and to study the countermeasures and methods to solve the problems.

County Mayor Gao Chengwen pointed out that as a backbone enterprise in the county, Top Rixin Energy has made outstanding contributions in promoting county economic development, alleviating employment pressure, and helping to alleviate poverty. The county party committee and county government will fully support Top Rixin Energy to build a tens of billions of dollars. Industrial clusters.

Gao Chengwen, the county magistrate, requires that we must adhere to the problem orientation, lead by the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and cooperate with all relevant departments to carefully sort out the problems and difficulties encountered in the development of the enterprise, list the problem list and the responsibility list, and handle it within a time limit to ensure that the company's appeal is effective solve. It is necessary to enhance service awareness, actively build a bank-enterprise cooperation platform, provide key support in corporate loan guarantees, financing services, etc., and help companies go lightly and develop freely. It is necessary to fully support the expansion of enterprise locations, establish an interactive information sharing mechanism, and deeply promote the in-depth cooperation between Touri New Energy and China Datang, State Power Investment Corporation and other enterprises, and help enterprises to open up the supply chain blockage of the industrial chain. To speed up the progress of the technological transformation project, Touri New Energy must strengthen its confidence in development, strive to overcome the adverse effects of the epidemic, accelerate the technological improvement of the two photovoltaic glass production lines, and strive to start production as soon as possible and gradually restore production capacity to help the county's industrial economy with high quality development of.

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